Customers are doing a lot of their own printing in-house, making the customer a competitor. So how do you stay afloat and retain current customers while attracting new printing business?

Put these easy printing business ideas into practice to win new customers without huge equipment investments.

Specialize in Short-Run Printing

Many print shops find themselves getting a lot of requests for smaller jobs, but losing them on price. One way around that is to reduce your overhead by locating a supplier that offers a variety of paper types in small quantities.

Now when someone wants 100 save-the-date invitations, you can use the less costly digital equipment that you already have on hand and win the job.

Direct Mail and News Letters

You want your business top-of-mind when your customers need printed media. One way your print shop can accomplish that is by offering to do direct mail for your customers. Target their customers with a personalized piece to help your clients win more business, and encourage them to refer those clients to you for an extra value-add!

To current clients, a business that maintains an ongoing relationship with its customers will make more money and be more profitable. According to Dan Kennedy, noted author, copy writer and business consultant, one of the best ways to maintain this relationship is through monthly print newsletters.

Email newsletters of course are more popular because they’re cheap (or free) and require less work. The downside is that a lot of emails get blocked in spam filters and average attention paid to emails according to various studies, is about 30 to 50 seconds. Print newsletters however have advantages:

  • They have more perceived value
  • Most people still prefer to touch and feel what they’re reading
  • They get delivered (no spam filters)
  • Readers keep them longer –we know this from feedback from our own newsletter readers

Leaflets and Flyers

For small businesses, awesomely designed brochures say a lot about the products, vision, workflow and services of varied kinds of organizations and educational institutes.

The leaflet printing services can turn out to be highly beneficial for any startup. In today’s digital era, there is a huge demand for flyer printing from all across the globe. Thus, setting up such printing business can help you in adding more sources of revenue.

Increase Your Printing, Not Your Overhead!

To grow your business, you have to be economical and innovative. Rather than shelling out for a new suite of printing equipment, you can increase both your capabilities and offerings by following the tips listed above.

Combining unique and eye-catching media, personalized printed materials, and unique substrates offered in small quantities are some of the ways you can retain your existing customers AND attract new clients without a huge investment in new printing equipment.

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