Are you using your printer to its full potential? All year you have probably been using your printer to scan, copy and print important documents, so why not use your printer for Christmas decorations. A time of colour, creativity and craft; Christmas requires print by the bucket load.

We’ve devised top 5 printing ideas for your home and your business to give you a head start on our favourite time of the year.

If you fancy getting creative this holiday season, we have also included five fantastic festive printable Christmas ideas for the home and office.

5 Printing ideas for the party season

1. Invitations:

Having a Christmas party can be a competitive business. With so many parties and events going on, you will need to make an impact with a fantastic invite. You should think about personalising your invite with an image of you and your partner or family members or creating a festive shaped invite like below. This will make your invite memorable and people will be more likely to attend! If you are having a Christmas party this year, personalised invites are a great way to show your character and get everyone into the Christmas spirit.


(Image source: Pear tree greetings)

2. Stickers:

Whether you want to make your own made Christmas crackers or want to give all your guests a name badge, stickers are a great tool for icebreaking and will be a great laugh around the Christmas dinner table. In addition to being a great Christmas tool for the home, it also works in the business world. If you are a business owner, nothing will spread Christmas cheer like some stickers for your customers. It’s an original, quirky and relatively cheap way to advertise your business this Christmas. To find out more about the benefits of stickers and labels all year round, click here.


(Image source: Brainwaves)

3. Posters:

Posters are more for the business environment than the home. If you’re thinking of great ways to decorate your establishment then Christmas posters are the answers, either outside or inside. They are cheap, reusable and won’t take up lots of space. You can use posters to advertise Christmas offers or even just to spread some Christmas cheer. Whatever you decide, ensure you use high quality paper and print to get the best from your poster.


(Image source: Zazzle)

4. Roll up banner stands:

If you really want to get your customers into the Christmas spirit, there’s nothing better than a big friendly welcome from a great looking, high quality roll up stand (sometimes called pull up or roller stands). You can use a roll up stand inside your store for special Christmas offers or you can simply wish your customers a very happy Christmas. And there’s more! If you can’t decide what you would like to print and you don’t have the budget for two roll up stands, you can go for a double sided roll up stand instead. So, you can advertise your offers on one side and wish your customers a happy Christmas on the other, allowing your roll up stand to do all your talking for you.


5. Menus:

If you own a business in the food industry, it’s absolutely vital that you attend to your clientele with Christmas cheer. A Christmas menu is expected in your establishment and it is a great way to advertise the very best of your services. Invest in high quality Christmas menu’s to highlight your professionalism and your Christmas spirit. Follow our guide to designing a Christmas food leaflet to get the very best from your menu.



(Image source: Westfield)

Add some Christmas cheer with 5 festive printables

All wrapped up

It’s 5 o’clock on Christmas Eve, you’ve still got loads of presents to wrap and now you’ve run out of tags. You won’t make it to the shops before they close, what are you going to do?  Fear not, with these printable Christmas tags you can replenish your stocks in no time and get on with the wrapping. Simply download and print out on card. Cut out and use a hole punch to create a hole for the string – job done.



Decorate the office

Add some festive cheer to the office with these Christmas themed prints. Each 11 x 14 inches, these three coordinating posters have been designed specifically for printing on the office mono laser or inkjet printer. Print on A3 paper and frame for a professional finish.



You can also add some instant Christmas cheer to your colleagues’ desks with these cute printable Christmas decorations. Easy to print and make in just a few seconds, they are a great way to cheer-up any scrooge.



Get yourself organised

During the festive period it’s a constant juggling act. To help get yourself more organised and make sure that you don’t forget to pick up that Toblerone for Jeff’s kids’ at work, print off your very own Christmas planner.  Complete with a card and gift list, baking, dinner and activity list, this comprehensive planner will ensure that nobody is forgotten this holiday season.



Christmas Photo Booth Props

At the office party anything goes, but before you get carried away, this festive printable is totally PG. If you’re planning a Christmas photo booth at the office party this year, why not cut loose and get silly with these fantastic printable props.

If you’re not the creative type you might need to get help from someone who knows their way around a glue gun. Simply download and print out these fun and festive props, stick them onto foam board, and then cut them out. Happy snapping!



You’re invited!

Whether it’s for the office Christmas party or your annual Christmas Eve festivities, why not print your own invites at home for a truly personal touch. If you’re a whiz in Photoshop you can design your own from scratch, or if you’re not feeling too artistic, grab one of the many free templates online and personalise it with your party details.




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