XDPS offers a rich portfolio of supplies, created to match the performance of Xerox equipment, as well as that of other manufacturers. Products include dozens of grades, colour and sizes of coated and uncoated paper (many designed for today’s high-resolution digital publishing), transparencies and print-ready presentation folders, tab stock, labels and carbonless paper.

Colotech +

  • Media weight: 90gsm – 300gsm
  • Media Size: A4 – A3
    (Oversized A3 is also available)
  • Media Type: Matt – Gloss – Super Gloss


  • A4 Pastel Tints 80gsm (Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Cream)
  • A3 Pastel Tints 80gsm (Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green)
  • A3 Pastel Card Tints 160gsm (Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Fawn, Gold)
  • A4 Pastel Card Tints 160gsm (Pink, Salmon, Gold, Cream, Orange, Dark Blue etc)


  • Clear (no strip)
  • Removable strip
  • Paper Back


NOR Paper offers a wide variety of products, including:

  • Three coated grades, one local and two international
  • Triple and double coated grades
  • Bond and cartridge
  • Litho board
  • Carbonless sheets and reels
  • Packaging board including SBS
  • Greychip
  • White Lined and Black Lined
  • Ivory board for business cards and folders
  • Self-adhesive stock

Helpful Facts About Paper… What You Need To Know

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