Xerox Corporation was founded in 1906 as the “Haloid Photographic Company”. Originally, it was a photographic paper manufacturer which changed its name to “Haloid Xerox” in 1958. Finally, it dropped “Haloid” to become “Xerox”. Not only the company name got a buzz, but its products made a huge impact around the world as well.




Shape and Colors of the Xerox Logo

The current version of the Xerox logo was introduced in 2008 keeping in line with the new trends in the age of internet and multimedia. The four-decade-old iconic logotype was discarded, as the new emblem marks the transformation of the company from a photography and document solution provider to a highly advanced information technology corporation.

The new Xerox logo features a lowercase orientation and the red sphere, while conveying a sense of the globe, makes a white cross or an illustrative “X”, the first letter of the company’s name. The new design is intended to build Xerox as a more approachable brand without compromising its impeccable reputation for engineering and technology.

Colors of the Xerox Logo

The red color in the Xerox logo symbolizes the passion, power and courage of the company.